Thursday, March 10, 2011

What If?


What is that, you ask?

That's me tapping my fingers on my desk, thinking. I'm thinking of what comes next in a story and


When this happens, I often ask WHAT IF? I daydream about taking my characters on a mini journey to see if their adventures could become part of my story. These adventures may change the storyline completely, or simply give me an idea for a scene that will take up a few paragraphs.

Take a look at the WHAT IF questions below, then make a list of your own the next time you're stuck.

WHAT IF Alisha decided to become an ice skater instead of a ballerina?
WHAT IF Mom found a time machine in her laundry room?
WHAT IF Theo broke two legs instead of one?
WHAT IF Benjamin took the shortcut home through the dark alley?
WHAT IF Fluffy, the dog, MEOWED?
WHAT IF Oscar ran away?
WHAT IF Mrs. Lee suddenly disappeared in the middle of a Math problem?
WHAT IF Karla found a boogie on the lunch table?

WHAT IF Nancy Viau turned off her computer and...

See ya later!

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