Friday, July 8, 2011

And Now For An Important Announcement

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to interrupt your WIT-free summer, but if by chance you're checking in here, I wanted you to be the first to hear my good news.

DRUM ROLL, please...

Marshall Cavendish, a spectacular publisher, has agreed to buy my second picture book! (As you may recall, my first picture book is titled I CAN DO IT! and that one has not been scheduled for publication yet. My novel, SAMANTHA HANSEN HAS ROCKS IN HER HEAD is out now.) Anyway, this new picture book is called STORM SONG, and it is a rhyming story about children who experience the sights, sounds, and delights of an autumn thunderstorm from inside their cozy home. I can't wait to see how an illustrator portrays this because even though WE know storms can be scary, we don't want anyone reading my book to be frightened, right?

You may continue on with your regularly scheduled summertime activities. Rest your brains and look for more writing tips beginning in September!

: )

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