Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stuck in the Middle

I have a great start to a story; I've developed (or have notes on) terrific leads; I've got a fantastic ending.

HOWEVER, I'm stuck--stuck in the middle!
What happens in the middle?
What will my characters do to get from the beginning to the end?
What is the meat of my story?

Lots of writers get stuck. It helps to think of a story like a sandwich--maybe a turkey or a ham sandwich. Without that good meat in the middle, it would stink, wouldn't it? Well, if there's nuthin' good going on the middle of your story, it will stink, too. Just saying.

Once you begin a new piece of writing, and before you charge into the middle,

Write down important details you want to include in the middle. Some authors like to create chapter titles (ME!) because that reminds them of what they want to happen, and in what order. Some authors make outlines. Some merely make a beginning sentence and fill in the paragraphs later.

Whatever you do, make the middle the biggest part of your story.
Make the middle YUMMY!

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