Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Case of the Missing Space

Boy, oh, boy, is the English language confusing or WHAT? If you miss one little space, the meaning changes.

May I get ahold of you later?
A hold
He has a hold of the hammer.

I swear I did that already.
All ready
Are you all ready for the party?

Altogether, we spent fifty dollars.
All together
We are all together.

He will not go to the store anymore.
Any more
If I have any more of that ice cream, I will get sick.

Anyone is permitted to go to that camp.
Any one
Any one of you could have stolen that jewelry.

I can't go anyplace without my little brother.
Any place 
She will travel to any place her frequent flyer miles take her.

The old man did not remember anything about his childhood.
Any thing
Please take any thing you see that you like.

She thought she'd stay awhile.
A while
She thought she'd stay for a while.

These are my everyday shoes.
Every day
He'd eat a lollipop every day.

She had to work overtime.
Over time
Over time, the two became friends.

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