Thursday, October 18, 2012

A is for Autumn, Authors, and Ann

It's time for another A+ author. The fabulous Ann Malaspina is my guest today!

ANN MALASPINA, a former newspaper reporter, writes multicultural picture books inspired by true events. She is the author of TOUCH THE SKY:  Alice Coachman, Olympic High Jumper, HEART ON FIRE:  Susan B. Anthony Votes for President, FINDING LINCOLN, YASMIN'S HAMMER, and PHILLIS SINGS OUT FREEDOM:  The Story of George Washingtone and Phillis Wheatley.

As you can probably see, Ann's books serve as terrific resources.
Kids:  Are you looking for someone interesting to feature in a book report?
Teachers:  Do you want to read a book that will offer your students a peak into the lives of famous people? Check out one of Ann Malaspina's biographies today!

Let's see how Ann answers the interview questions. Take it away, Ann!

1. The book fairy transports you inside one of your books. Which book are you in, and what part do you play in the story? 
I'm Susan B. Anthony, marching down her street in Rochester, NY, on her way to vote in 1872, from my new book HEART ON FIRE: SUSAN B. ANTHONY VOTES FOR PRESIDENT. Fortunately when I vote this November, I won't be arrested like she was in a time when voting by women was actually against the law!
2. In approximately ten words, describe a favorite setting from a book you have written.
Yasmin riding her water buffalo across the river in Yasmin's Hammer.
3. What does your office look like?
My office in the attic looks like a hurricane hit. Books, papers, notebooks, and coffee mugs are scattered everywhere. Luckily I can see birds flying over my skylight, which remind me to finish writing so I can go outside.
4. If you were a superhero, who would you be, and why?
Since I started off as a newspaper reporter like Lois Lane, I'd like to be her when she (temporarily) turned into Superwoman. Of course, we need lots more female superheroes.
5. You've got the munchies at midnight. Which salty or sweet snack makes you get out of bed and head for the kitchen? 
Ben & Jerry's coffee heath bar crunch, which is why I don't keep it in our house.

Thanks for stopping by, Ann.  Let's go out for ice cream!


  1. Fun interview! And it's nice to meet another Ann with no "e" and a messy office. :)