Thursday, April 18, 2013

Storm Song Celebration!

To celebrate the release of my second picture book, STORM SONG, which came out THIS WEEK (Wah-HOOO!), I'm challenging you to write a weather-related story or poem.

STORM SONG is filled with onomatopoeia or sound words. Here are a few lines from the book: (That cute illustration is by French illustrator Gynux. He did a wonderful job bringing my characters to life.)

Raindrops beat 

A steady sound--

Tat. Tat. Tap.

Pitter, pat, POUND!

But other types of weather can inspire us to make noisy or not-so-noisy stories and poems using onomatopoeia, too.

For example, what sounds might you hear on a snowy day, a windy day, or even a sunny one? Can these sounds be words? What if you heard hail or thunder? Or icicles cracking and falling from the roof? What word would describe a soft cloud as it roams across the sky?

Now, put on your weather gear, be inspired, and get to work!

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