Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rock Your Story with Story Rocks

Do you have rocks in your head? I do!
Rocks are in my thoughts a lot now since my new picture book, THESE ROCKS COUNT!,  rolled into libraries and bookstores just in time to celebrate spring.

When doing research to write my new book, I spoke to many wonderful scientists called geologists who love to study rocks. They helped me learn how much rocks count in our world. I couldn't type this sentence without rocks, which are used to make parts for computers like the one I'm using right now. Rocks are used to make many items we use every day, such as telephones, televisions, and even toothpaste!

Rocks can be used to inspire fun story ideas, too. STORY ROCKS are fun to make and you can trade with friends and classmates to create a unique and exciting story.
1. Go outside and find about ten small rocks to paint.
2. Wash dirt off rocks and let them dry.
3. Paint an image on your rocks. A person, place, or thing, such as the examples in the "Story Rock" photo.
4. What story can you tell with your rocks? The images on your rocks should help shake up your imagination. Expand and elaborate. Your story rocks can be used to create a mountain of a story. You can even trade rocks with your friends to help more story ideas rock and roll.
5. Write your story.

Have fun! All story ideas ROCK!

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