Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keep Your Plot Alive with Nancy's Fab Five

Where would a story be without plot? Plot is the story's organization. Sure, you know that a good plot starts with an exciting character, but it's what you make your character do that really makes your story soar!

1.  Choose a character and give him/her interesting character traits.
2.  Create a basic problem--the conflict.
3.  Add some mini problems to that problem. Think of the basic plot as snowflakes that just begin to coat the ground. There's not enough snow to be fun yet, is there? But once the layers build up, you're never bored. So, add to your basic problem, and give it those layers. Make the conflict difficult enough so that it's not solved easily. Have the plot nag your reader so your reader MUST find out what happens next.
4.  Climax. Keep adding layers to the problem until something big happens that changes everything for your character.
5.  Resolution. The problem is solved. HURRAY! The character has changed because of all he/she has gone through and the story comes to an end. PEACE OUT.

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