Monday, January 24, 2011

"Today, I have some notes on quotes," Nancy says.

Uh, oh, look below. I forgot to add quotation marks in the following eight sentences. HELP! Where do they belong?

Please put in quotation marks, Nancy requests.

When adding a dialogue tag, don't make it too ridiculous, pleads Nancy.

You want to get your point across, yet keep it simple, Nancy suggests.

Don't forget the commas, Nancy screams, waving her hands wildly in the air.

Punctuation goes inside the quotation marks, Nancy instructs, reaching for her big, red pen.

You can wipe that smile off your face, Nancy laughs. This is really important.

Now, Nancy continues, replace requests, pleads, suggests, screams, and instructs, with the word: says.

That goes for the purple one, too, Nancy says. You can't laugh a statement or a question. Gotcha! Hahahaha!

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