Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spelling Counts

We talked about
and how these words, and others, are often misspelled. (See earlier blog post.)

Here are a few more words that constantly confuse writers. It's your job to look at them and decide which is the correct spelling. Can you do it? I'm trying very hard to trick you!

Febuary or February
library or libary
piece or peice
fourty or forty
ninety or ninty
nickel or nickle
rythm or rhythm
sincerely or sincerly
tommorrow or tomorrow
wierd or weird
stradegy or strategy
surprise or suprise
throughly or thoroughly
lightning or lightning

When the creative juices are flowing and you are in the middle of writing a first draft, don't let the spelling drag you down. If you aren't sure of a word, underline or highlight it, then go back to it. I do this all the time!

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