Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Action! Action!

Things need to happen in your story or your reader ( your case, this may be your teacher) may lose interest.

Practice ramping up the action by changing the underlined verbs in the sentences below.
Here's an example:

Spiderman walked to the store.
Spiderman jumped (or skipped, jogged, biked, swam, flew) to the store.
Now it's your turn. You can make the sentence longer, too, if you want, like this:
Spideman felt nauseous and threw up on his way to the store.

Mario was sad.

Superman found the bad guys.

Cinderella talked to her fairy godmother.

When the characters in Toy Story 3 were first taken to the preschool, they smiled.

Shaun White stepped on his skateboard, and he went down the street.

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