Thursday, May 3, 2012

Common Sense

I know. I KNOW! Poetry month is over, right? However, I couldn't resist introducing you to another poem. The poem below, Common Sense, is one that I often use when teaching poetry to kids in K-2. Why? Because it contains all the senses. Anytime you add more to your writing than just what you see, your writing becomes stronger and more interesting. This poem also has great rhythm and rhyme, and the author (*cough, cough*- ME) sneaks in fun vocabulary words like constellation and experiment.

When I read this poem I always add really cool actions, like sweeping my hands left to right to illustrate a gigantic rainbow or sticking out my tongue to taste that sunshine. I'm reading and going through the motions right now. Can you see? No? Well, use your imagination! Or, better yet, get up out of that chair and act out this poem on your own.

Virtual candy is optional. (*wink*)

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