Thursday, May 31, 2012

We've Got This Covered

Ever see a book cover and think, I've seen that before, but it was on a different book and it was by a different author?

Lately, I've seen a lot of covers with:
a kid yelling or running or yelling and running
a shoe, a dress, or one item of clothing on a plain background
large, almost 3-D fonts
black background with red object
a cartoonish girl in an active pose (like climbing a tree)
a symbol
a pair holding hands
a robot, monster, or alien doing something a child might do
teen facing road, city, or fantasy land and all we see is his/her back.
the almost kiss

Publishers figure out what works and whether by accident or on purpose, book covers end up similar. But you don't have to be a copycat.

Pick either 1 or 2 below and become a book designer.
1. Create a book cover based on one of your stories.
2. During peer editing sessions, draw the cover of your classmate's story and have him/her do the same. Do it secretly, and then on the big reveal, see if both of you have the same idea for a book cover.
*Make covers eye-catching and unique. Work with color, font, a photo, or even an art project that you like.

Oh, and guess what? I haven't seen too many like this, have you?

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