Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tips from a Funny Book Character

Have you heard of Jane Harrington? Check out who she is HERE. She's pretty funny, and I bet you'll enjoy meeting her and learning about her books.

Jane has this cool part of her website called yeah, right, where she offers really terrific writing tips written from the point of view of Lucy, a character in her book, LUCY'S COMPLETELY COOL AND TOTALLY TRUE E-JOURNAL (Scholastic), a national bestseller.

Here's an excerpt:

Use ALLITERATION. I know that sounds like something fancy, and HARD, but it's NOT. Alliteration is just the use of words with the same letter at the beginning. For instance, I would say that the E-Journal I have been writing lately has some exceptionally embarrassing stuff in it (usually involving the TWINS). The words "exceptionally embarrassing" both start with "e". (Duh!) Want another example? The things happening lately to my sister, Emma, are usually unlucky (but I don't always feel sorry for her, because she has been SO MEAN to Taylor and me). Alliteration is good if you use it here and there, but not a lot. It's kind of like sprinkles on ice cream. It adds a nice touch, but if you use too much, it tastes weird.

Don't forget to click on yeah, right to see the other writing tips Lucy has for you!

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