Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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HAPPY 2013!

Today is all about Nouns and Verbs.
Before I confuse you about how one can be the other, let's review:
A noun is a person, place, or thing. A verb shows action.

BUT, check out these nouns that are used as verbs:
We friend and unfriend people.
We message, blog, text, and bookmark.

All of this verbing (and yes, that's real word) is getting out of hand!
Can you think of some nouns that are now verbs? Make a list.
I will, too...
*taps fingers on keyboard*

On my list, I have a lot of technology terms, like those above. I also have nouns found in sports that have become verbs. For example, a skateboard was once just a thing; now we can skateboard. Same with snowboard, ski, and rollerblade.

English has a list of 150 Words Which are Both Verbs and Nouns. Take a sec and read them.
I'll wait...
*taps fingers on desk*

READY? Challenge yourself to come up with a funny, and perhaps confusing, poem using some of these words. Head straight to your desk and knock out some creative writing!

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