Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to School, Back to Basics!

I know you're busy writing and creating wonderful stories for your teachers, but let's take a sec to review the all-important CAPITAL LETTER RULES, ok?

But a list of rules is boring, so just practice using capital letters by filling in the blanks. Careful, I may try to trick you!

always capitalize the first letter in a ________________. (<--Fix that sentence!)

What pronoun always get capitalized? _________       (_______ know you know this one!)

Write your name using proper capitalization. _____________________.

Write your nickname using proper capitalization. _________________.

Fix what is wrong:  captain jack sparrow, president obama, and nancy viau had lunch at salads-to-go in denver, colorado.

Where does SpongeBob SquarePants live? __________________________

Name a school club. ________________________

What is your favorite color? _____________________________

Name a gaming system. _____________________

Fix what is wrong:  a deer, turtle, and a dog named kitty met julia at the bus stop on richwood road.

One more. Fix what's below. Hurry! These lower case mistakes are making me nutso!

i will be signing copies of my books:  look what i can do, storm song, and samantha hansen has rocks in her head at the princeton book festival (saturday, september 21), the warwick book festival (saturday, september 28), and the collingswood book festival (october 5). i hope you stop by!



  1. Love this post, Nancy! How fun to make an interactive "non-list" of capitalization rules!

  2. THANKS! Hoping to move students from memorization to application any way I can. : )