Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let's Dress Up Words!

Hi there, WIT followers. 
It's Alison Formento. I'm happy to meet you!

Halloween is coming soon and we’re busy getting our costumes ready for the big day. Do you have a costume parade in your town or at your school? Wigs, hats, special clothing, masks, make-up and more are used for dress up October 31st. 

Words can be dressed up, too. 

Look at this photo:
Here’s one way to describe it:

A devil walked by. She was followed by a musician with a violin. 
Let’s dress up those same words in a new description of the scene.
A short, red devil had an evil smile on her face.
The nervous classical musician followed close and held tight to his prized violin.

Now, write down what you’re going to be for Halloween and what you plan to wear for your costume. 
Example: Clown with wig and bow tie. 
Dress up your costume with more description this time: 
I plan to be a clown. I’ll wear a crazy rainbow wig, a floppy polka dot bow tie, and giant shoes as long as my arm.

Find out what your friends and classmates are wearing and write out a description of their costumes, too. Use these costume descriptions to create your own fun and spooky Halloween story.
~ Alison 

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