Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Write On, Columbus!

Columbus Day is coming!

Did you know that Columbus was a writer? He wrote Columbus's Book of Privileges. It tells about all the favors he thinks are due to him and his heirs by the Spanish Crown. He felt he should be rewarded for his  accomplishments, especially for finding a new route to the West Indies. (Just for fun, ask your teacher:  Did he really discover America?)

Back on topic...

With dear (sort of clueless) Columbus in mind, I'd like you to think about accomplishments. You know, stuff that you've done, or someone else has done, that deserves recognition.

BUT WAIT -- we shall not be pompous like Columbus! (Yes, you should totally look up pompous in the dictionary. It's a great word.)

I want you to write about one of your classmates. Write one paragraph. It doesn't have to be very long. Don't sweat over it. I won't be giving you a grade. Just try to answer some of these questions. And THINK!

Who am I writing about?
How do I know this person?
What has this person accomplished?
Why is this an important accomplishment?
What are my feelings about his/her accomplishment? Do I feel it's a worthy accomplishment?

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.
Accomplish something.
; )

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