Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Writing Step-by-Step Directions

Brrrrr....It’s cold outside! Many people who live in warm places, such as deserts and tropical islands, have never felt the cold or seen snow. Do you think you could teach someone how to build a snowman (or snowwoman)? If there were no pictures of snowmen, do you think you could WRITE instructions to help someone turn snowflakes into snow people?

Snowflake to Snowman: Step-by-step
1. Find books at the library or school about cold weather.
2. Read about snow.
3. If there’s snow where you live, go outside and look at the flakes falling on the ground. Write down notes about what you see to help you remember what you discover about the snow. How does snow feel on your hands? Does it have a smell? Is it heavy? Make a snowball. How is it different from snowflakes.
4. Go inside where it’s nice and warm. (You might need a cup of hot chocolate!)
5. Pull out a snowy-white piece of paper.
6. Write numbers all the way down the page.
7. Next to each number, write down instructions on how to build a snowman. Even if you’ve never built one before, fill the page with all of the ideas you can imagine from the books you’ve looked at about snow and your own memories from studying the snow outside.
8. Read everything you wrote on your page aloud. Did you remember to write down everything you should do to build a snowman?
9. If there is still snow on the ground, bundle up and go outside. Have fun following your step-by-step snowman building instructions.
10. Finish building your snowman with a big smile. (Snowmen like to smile, too.)
11. Go back inside where it’s nice and warm. You might need another cup of hot chocolate. With marshmallows.


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