Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flaws ROCK!

If you are writing fiction, and you write about a character who does everything well (because you want to impress your teacher...*heh, heh*), don't do it! Give your character a few flaws--things they didn't mean to do or stuff they have trouble with. Even flat-out mistakes! Characters who make mistakes, and eventually learn from them, are interesting. Nobody's perfect, right?

Make a list of five mistakes you've made. Use at least one in a story that you write this week.

Now, it's my turn. Here are my mistakes. I bet there's a story in there somewhere!
1. I used too much butter in my cranberry bread and it was a disaster.
2. I ran into a plant and said, "Excuse me."
3. I sent a text to the wrong person.
4. I burped while in line at the grocery store.
5. I lost my keys, twice in the same day.

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