Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amp It Up With Adverbs

How many of you have tried to spice up your writing with adverbs? Not sure what they are? I'm talking about those -ly words that can change a regular sentence into something extraordinary.

For example, I could say: Joanna picked up her backpack and walked home.
That's a fine sentence. I can picture Joanna walking home with a backpack.

But, what if we did this: Joanna picked up her backpack and grudgingly walked home.
Woah! Now, I'm getting curious. Usually, we all want to get home right after school. What's going on that Joanna is GRUDGINGLY walking home? Maybe it's her dad's first day at his new job and he won't be home. Or, maybe, it's her birthday and she's positive her family is throwing her a surprise party, but she hates surprises. That one little word—grudgingly—gets us thinking.

Let's try another one: Steven ate his peas.
I can see this, but I'm curious. Did he like his peas? Is there anything special about him eating the peas?

How about we amp it up with an adverb? Steven joyously ate his peas.
This sentence made me wake up. Who eats peas JOYOUSLY? Does Steven just love peas or is something else making him joyous. It makes me want to know more.

Now you try it! See if you can amp up each sentence below with an interesting adverb.

The boys dug in the ground.
The teachers watched the clock.
Many students waited in the cafeteria.

Good luck!
- Margie

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