Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are You Up for THIS Challenge?

Here are a few quick activities that will give you a brain workout by setting parameters (limits) on how you must write.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Write story in which the first sentence has one word, the 2nd has 2 words, the 3rd has 3 . . .

“Hi!  What’s up?”
  1           2
“Not too much.  What’s new with you?”
            3                          4

Mosquitoes.  They bite.  They suck blood.  Mosquitoes make me itch.
         1                2                3                              4

2. Write sentences in which the first letters of the words are in alphabetical order.

~ Andy bought chocolate donuts every Friday.

~ Mary never orders pickled quail.

3. Write sentences in which every word begins with the same letter – like a tongue twister.

~ Harry hopes Helen helps him hunt hippos.

~ Some sentences sound silly, so Sam stopped saying such sentences.

Go for it!
- Lori