Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Idioms Are Not Icky

What's an idiom? (Pronounced ID dee um)
Idioms are phrases that have different meanings from what the words actually mean. Confused? Don't be! Idioms are fun and people often get a kick out of them!

Read the idioms below and see if any ring a bell.
Ask yourself:  What does this phrase really mean? Have I ever used these words in conversation?

give it a shot
have second thoughts
play it by ear
be in hot water
draw a blank
a rip off
give someone a cold shoulder
get cold feet
have a change of heart
get a kick out of
cost an arm and a leg
cross your fingers
hit the books
hold your horses
have mixed feelings
see eye-to-eye
it runs in the family
worked the graveyard shift
kiss of death
play your cards right

Give this a shot:  Write a paragraph using at least four idioms. It may be a piece of cake or you may draw a blank. Take a crack at it and think about adding idioms to your writing. Make no bones about it--you will impress your teacher, but don't get carried away!

Keep your chin up,

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