Thursday, May 8, 2014

BEE Happy!

You can’t help but smile, clap, and sing along when you hear the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. “Happy” is how most of us feel now that the long winter has ended and spring is springing all around us. Green grass is sprouting, new leaves are fluttering on trees, flowers burst with bright blooms, and bees buzz all around us doing their happy work. My book about bees, These Bees Count!, has inspired wonderful bee art projects, and I especially loved this “BEE HAPPY” writing project at a school visit in Pennsylvania. Students wrote about how they want to “BEE HAPPY” when they are adults. Some wrote about traveling the world, going to college, or becoming a doctor. One student wrote about her dream of being a published author.

Summer vacation is almost here and that makes us all happy. Write a list of things you hope to do to “BEE HAPPY” this summer. Write as many as you want, but try to write at least five.
Here’s an example:

  1. Going to the beach
  2. Visiting family on July 4th
  3. Riding a bike
  4. Having sleepovers 
  5. Watching the stars

Now, choose one thing on your summer list and write a story. 

Buzz like a worker bee through the rest of the school year and whatever you do this summer, I hope you will be happy!

- Alison

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