Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break!

It's FINALLY here...drum roll, please...

Flowers are in bloom, trees have buds and teeny leaves, the air smells great, the sun is shining, warm breezes are blowing, people are sneezing...It's all good.

My tip for this week involves two choices on your part.

1. Think about that first day when you noticed a change in the season.
     Did you see the scrawny hedge that separated your house from your neighbor's house suddenly burst into yellow? What about that very green grass that wasn't there yesterday? (spring)
     Did you hear the seagulls screech like crazy outside the bedroom of the seashore cottage your parents rented? How about the creak and roar of amusement park rides? (summer)
     Did you smell the earthy, sweet smells of harvest time? Or perhaps, take in the scent of mud on the soccer field? (fall)
     Did you feel your nose get chilly, even though the first snow is weeks away? Can you breathe in and feel the cold in your lungs? (winter)


2. Think about your first day of vacation, whether it's spring break, winter break, or summer vacation.
     What are you excited about?
     What are your plans?
     How will you be different when your break is over?

Write a paragraph or two about your feelings as you see your world change.

For a challenge, rewrite those paragraphs from the point of view of a bird.

C H I R P!
HURRAY For Spring!

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