Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ten Tips to Avoid Getting Bogged Down

I found this definition online. It's perfect for what I wanted to talk about today.
bog - verb. To get stuck while doing something; to be hindered in movement; to be prevented from making progress

Thinking about words, spelling, sentences, grammar, setting, plot, characters, and everything else is enough to bog down even the best writer. If something is getting in the way of your writing, try this:
1. Cut pictures out of magazines. Is there a picture of your main character? Is there a setting you'd like to describe? Could someone's expression give you an idea about plot?
2. Draw a tree. On the trunk, put the title of your story. On the branches, list all the possible things that could happen in your story.
3. Talk about your story to a friend.
4. Record your thoughts, even if they are random and don't seem to make sense.
5. Sketch a picture of an idea.
6. Watch TV. (I did NOT say that, did I?) Well, guess what? There are great story ideas stuck inside TV dramas, comedies, and yes...even cartoons.
7. Brainstorm. Even if your idea sounds dumb or isn't formed into complete sentences, put it down on paper. On that list may be something brilliant.
8. Sing. Singing always makes me feel better, and when I'm in a good mood, I eventually sit down and write.
9. Try a new experience. Ever been camping in your living room? Ever sleep with your head at the bottom of your bed instead of the top? Ever eaten breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast? You'd be surprised at how your brain wakes up when you mix things up.
10. Get a good night's sleep, but keep a notebook by your bed. I get my best ideas at 4 AM.
Write On!
Peace out.
: )

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